Through the eyes of a tourist

The Brit Invasion Summer 2006 Forgive me diary, for I have sinned. It has been over two months since my last post, and I have no excuse other than – well – summer. What? Summer ended weeks ago? Someone really should have told me. I suppose I have been reluctant to let it go; inRead more

HobNobs and Patriotism

Diary of an English immigrant May 2005 For the past 2 years I have been writing a diary series for The Province newspaper entitled Diary of an Immigrant.  But I am not sure I am getting my message across. I have decided to be more specific about what kind of immigrant I am. But whatRead more

Dog Tales

The dog that changes lives What was I thinking? Ripping a teenage girl away from her home, her roots, her friends, everything she knows? 14-year-old Kerri spends her weekends sulking in her room, bored and lonely and no doubt longing for home. I long for the nights when I didn’t know where she was, whenRead more

Emigrating 101

England to Canada: The Move March 2003 If you are considering packing up your life, cat and two kids, saying goodbye to your family and your much-loved home town, and then moving halfway across the world, consider this: it is really, really tough. Here are some tips (to myself) from someone (also myself) who hasRead more

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