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Milestones and Cake

Missing the important things 2013 In the next three months, my dad and step-dad both turn 80 and my sister turns 50. You may already know (because I do bang on about it quite regularly) that my Grandma just turned 100. They are all 5000 miles away… which means for me that this year isRead more

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Long Distance Grief

Saying goodbye to Grandma So, those of who have been following my blog will know that my Grandma turned 100 last December. Sadly, Grandma passed away last week; inevitable but still sad. In over ten years of living here, this is the first time I have lost someone. When my Grandad died suddenly 10 yearsRead more

A trip down memory lane

How to beat homesickness 2010 You knew it was coming, eventually. The sad lament … the woeful trip down memory lane… the cries of homesickness. The fact is, I miss Brighton. This is entirely separate to missing my English family and friends… I think. What’s weird is that I am not actually, officially, homesick atRead more

Angry Bird

And phones were the sort of things you could only use as – well, phones. Now I expect to be able to perform all sorts of banking tasks, at any time I choose, wherever I happen to be. Let’s face it, I don’t expect my phone to do just that. I expect it to be able to work out how many calories I had for lunch, download any song I decide to listen to, play Scrabble with my sister 5000 miles away, tell me when my friends have a birthday, and direct me to any address in the world.Read more

Top Ten Tips for the holiday guest

January 2008 Finally, the holiday guests have gone. They arrived in mid December, and they have only just gone home – five weeks later. In light of this experience, I have compiled a list of handy hints for the would-be holiday guest. I am naming no names here, and I am not suggesting that theseRead more

Writing and real estate

As already mentioned, writing is not typically a lucrative career. It feeds the soul, but not the kids. Because I am now in full writer mode, and also maybe because I am ever so slightly flighty, I keep announcing my new plan to move abroad (again), live on a beach somewhere, and ‘just write’. Read more

Revenge of the Cat

June 2008 I don’t dwell in the past. But I am occasionally, and unexpectedly, haunted by it. Leaving my family and friends to move here 10 years ago was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Looking back, I am not sure how I managed it. I think it takes aRead more

7 obsessions of the ex-pat

2007 Since moving here, I have noticed that I have developed some new obsessions: 1. Cleaning. I don’t think anyone who has ever been to my house would agree, as it does not in any way reflect the standards of most Canadian households. But in England, my house was a mess, all the time, andRead more

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