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A letter to New York

Dear New York What a stunning, interesting, vibrant city you are. You lured me in with your Seinfelds and your Sex in the Citys and – obviously – your Friends; shows I grew up on; shows that showcased your amazing talent and your iconic beauty. You looked so fun! I have just returned after fourRead more

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Cheering for Sid

This past Saturday, I had made arrangements to be at two events at the same time. In most cases when I have double-booked myself socially, I try to fit both events in. This was not really possible this time, as one of the events was in England and one in Canada. Some months ago, IRead more

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Guest Blog by Benny the Cat

On the move, again A few weeks ago, my humans – without consulting me – catnapped me from my chilled apartment life, put me in a box, and dumped me somewhere new. I hate new. I loved that apartment – I spent my days there living my best life: mostly stretching, lounging, eating and playing.Read more

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