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Christmas at home

For the first time in 12 years, I will be spending this Christmas with my family. In the time I have lived in Canada, one of the hardest things – as any immigrant will know – is to be away from family at this time of year. When your parents are ageing, this becomes even moreRead more

How to survive your son’s rugby tour

The road to Sanix It is the Earl Marriott Senior Boy’s rugby tour to South Korea and Fukuoka, Japan, for the Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament. Sanix is a yearly competition where selected youth teams throughout the world are invited to take part. Earl Marriott is the only Canadian boys’ team at the competition. MyRead more

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Long Distance Grief

Saying goodbye to Grandma So, those of who have been following my blog will know that my Grandma turned 100 last December. Sadly, Grandma passed away last week; inevitable but still sad. In over ten years of living here, this is the first time I have lost someone. When my Grandad died suddenly 10 yearsRead more

Emigrating 101

England to Canada: The Move March 2003 If you are considering packing up your life, cat and two kids, saying goodbye to your family and your much-loved home town, and then moving halfway across the world, consider this: it is really, really tough. Here are some tips (to myself) from someone (also myself) who hasRead more

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