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This is England

I miss Canada. This may surprise you, if you have read my previous posts (the one where I ranted about roundabouts, for instance, or the one where I whined about … well, anything) but from the age of 17, I have had a connection and a love affair with Canada. I was always drawn toRead more

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Back on home turf

One of the less appealing things about being an expat is the guilt that comes along for the ride. My guilt started the day I left my family, friends and cat in England in 2003, and continues to this day. A primary reason for leaving Canada is because my dad is ill. I don’t wellRead more

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First world problems

I miss my vacuum It is a first world problem, I know, but things just don’t work as well here. I knew this already from when I lived here before, and it could be because things are usually older, but I suppose I got spoiled by Canada and its efficiency. Here I am struggling dailyRead more

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Christmas at home

For the first time in 12 years, I will be spending this Christmas with my family. In the time I have lived in Canada, one of the hardest things – as any immigrant will know – is to be away from family at this time of year. When your parents are ageing, this becomes even moreRead more

I’m going home, I’ve done my time

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road I have lived in Canada for 12 years. In that time, Daughter K has moved back to England three times. For 12 years, she has had one foot planted hesitantly on home soil. She is back in England again now, firmly established with a job and a flat and a newRead more

A trip down memory lane

How to beat homesickness 2010 You knew it was coming, eventually. The sad lament … the woeful trip down memory lane… the cries of homesickness. The fact is, I miss Brighton. This is entirely separate to missing my English family and friends… I think. What’s weird is that I am not actually, officially, homesick atRead more

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