Ramblings of an ex-expat. The truth is out there... probably.
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My dog the expat

Hallie immigrated from Canada to England in 2015, when she was 12. We decided to bring her here as we had no idea how long we would be living in the UK, and we didn’t want to leave her behind. Shipping a dog (and a cat) to England is one of the hardest things IRead more

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Attack of the gallstones

Yes, I am obsessed with gallstones. No, this is nothing to do with being an expat. But it is to do with developing a nasty disease whilst living 5000 miles away from my husband, the one who should be looking after me in my time of need. I suppose “in sickness and in health” hasRead more

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Show me the money

I don’t have much money, but if I did… I’d buy a big house where… we both could live. Yes, I know it’s an Elton John song, but really I could have written it. In the past 18 years, I have moved my money across the Atlantic so many times that I don’t have anyRead more

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This is England

I miss Canada. This may surprise you, if you have read my previous posts (the one where I ranted about roundabouts, for instance, or the one where I whined about … well, anything) but from the age of 17, I have had a connection and a love affair with Canada. I was always drawn toRead more

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Through a dog’s eyes

Hello. My name is Hallie and I am an immigrant. Not by choice, you understand. No-one even asked me if I wanted to move halfway across the world. I suppose that’s because I’m a dog, and dogs don’t really answer questions. Just over a year ago, I was living a very comfortable life, though ofRead more

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Back on home turf

One of the less appealing things about being an expat is the guilt that comes along for the ride. My guilt started the day I left my family, friends and cat in England in 2003, and continues to this day. A primary reason for leaving Canada is because my dad is ill. I don’t wellRead more

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